Look what CQ Data can do for you...

  • High Speed A4 - A3 Scanners - 90 pages per minute
  • We have Full Colour and Black/White scanners
  • Duplex High Speed single pass scanners for paper documents printed double-sided
  • Wide Format Scanners up to 914mm wide, Full Colour and Black/White
  • Various Formats - tiff, pdf, jpeg, cals, etc
  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition individual word search capabilities
  • Secure Environment
  • Fully Searchable Software - Alchemy works with over 250 applications
  • Indexing - Naming of documents
  • Onsite Scanning in your business when documents are of high confidentiality or large amounts
  • Scanning of court and legal documents
  • Media - Copying Scanned Data to CD/DVD or External Hard Drive/USB Stick

Why waste valuable time hunting through boxes of paper when you could perform a quick search on your computer and find exactly what you need in an instant.
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