Print Management


Are you sick of running all over town getting proofs from one supplier, short run printing from a second supplier and long run offset from a third? Let CQ take the hassle out of the process and let them handle everything. All you need to do is drop off your print job (or use CQs Graphic Design service) and tell us your requirements and we will arrange the most competitive production of your job. If we determine that our digital printing services will not offer a competitive price (this can happen for colour print runs over a few thousand copies where you are not using VDP) then we will arrange through our network of offset printers to have your job offset printed in order to save you money.

Coupled with our scanning service this means that after the job has been completed and you find that you need more copies done, all you have to do is phone us up and tell us how many more copies you require - knowing that we will use whatever the most appropriate production option is for the order.

Please feel free to contact us to talk about your next job.


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