Green Ideas


* All our recycled paper stocks are now the same price as our regular paper produced from virgin fibre eg Harvest Recycled 115gsm is the same price as New Silk 113gsm. That means you have the opportunity to get these "green papers" at absolutely no extra cost - get a quote now

* Add "printed on..." to your work (eg printed on harvest recycled paper 60% recycled sugarcane)

* Add environmental icons to your printed work. A great way to show your customers that you care about the environment.

* Show your customers that you care for the environment - we can help with a green marketing strategy. Contact us for more information.

* We're here to share these facts and links with you. Feel free to add these ideas and links to your website.

* Use your statement to give customers a message instead of inserting a seperate statement stuffer or flyer.

* Double side your documents so you use less paper.

* Print on Demand - Print what you want! when you want it! eg: no ordering 1500 & only using 900. Print on demand reduces the need for storage, saving space and resources as well as reducing the possibility of stock becoming out-dated and useless.


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