Eco Policy


CQ as a business has a real commitment to excellence in our processes & aim to be NZ's Greenest Printer.  We are proud to be part of the Enviro-mark Program & CQ is now Bronze Accredited.

CQ is proud to be Kiwi owned and operated. As New Zealanders we feel there is a responsibility to protect the beautiful land we live in. Accordingly we seek to actively manage our operations so that we have a positive effect on the environment.

We are committed to:

* Keeping waste products to a minimum by recycling and reusing               

* Conserving energy by managing our machines effectively and efficiently               

* Regularly upgrading our machines so that we have the most efficient technology available              

* Using environmentally friendly products wherever possible               

* Educating staff and customers in ways to protect the environment               

* Offering customers a full range of recycled paper stocks and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Print On Demand

Print what you want! when you want it! eg: no ordering 1500 & only using 900

Print on demand reduces the need for storage, saving space and resources as well as reducing the possibility of stock becoming out-dated and useless.



At CQ we recycle all our waste paper.


All used toner cartridges are recycled, instead of going to landfill.


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