Wide Format


Our wide-format colour scanner incorporates the latest in imaging technology for high-quality full colour scanning and printing. Its full A0 Plus size imaging area handles large colour posters, architectural sketches, detailed maps, drawings and fine art.

Plans and Large Format Documents

Drawings in their own right are extremely cumbersome to file and copy but 'pre CAD' drawings still need to be archived in some way. Over 5000 large drawings can be archived onto a single CD-ROM and in many cases creases, stains and other 'defects' can be removed in the scanning process giving a pure white background and clean crisp lines.
Once scanned drawings can be loaded as a backdrop into CAD systems or even converted into a fully structured CAD file in AutoCAD, Microstation or other format.

Large Sizes Handled

Our large format scanners can cope with drawings of up to 90cm wide and any length.

Full Colour Facilities

We can also scan full colour maps and drawings in up to 24bits (16+ Million colours).
File formats supplied are usually TIF Group 4 compressed files at 400dpi but we can supply CALS, PDF, GIF, JPG and pretty much any other format up to 1,200 dpi.
The scanners we use are amongst the fastest and most sophisticated on the market.
All of our images are carefully monitored during the scanning process to arrive at the cleanest possible results and each image is then individually inspected prior to final release.



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