A4/A3 High Speed Scanning


Volume A4/Letter Document Scanning

Using our sophisticated high speed duplex scanners we have a capacity to scan large numbers of documents per day into most formats including TIF, PDF, HTML, JPG and many more.


Get Rid of Your Filing Space

Whether you have invoices, project files, correspondence, books/magazines, purchase orders or other documents to scan we can recommend the best way to do it and finish the job quickly, to a high quality and at a low cost! Typically you can store 3 filing cabinets of information on one CD ROM thereby saving thousands of dollars per year on document storage space.

Reduce your administration costs

A typical office worker can spend around 40mins every day in finding documents upon which they perform their business tasks. A document management solution, in conjunction with scanning your documents, will cut this time at least in half. Therefore a department with 20 staff could save over 250 hours in time per month. At a cost of say 14 dollars per hour this equates to a 3,500 dollar saving per month per 20 staff!

Risk management & loss of information

Most companies have regular tape backups of their electronic data but what about backups of all your paperwork? A recent report indicated that companies which suffered a total loss of their documentation due to fire, etc went out of business within 12 months. Document scanning and archival enables you to have multiple copies of your documents on and off-site and these can be re-instated within minutes of any disaster, so staff can carry on their work.

A Range of Collection Services

We can collect your documents direct from your office, and once scanned we can even securely shred them if required.



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